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15 Uses of a Pocket Knife

A pocket knife may be used for countless daily tasks. A clean sharp blade allows the pocket knife to function as and use for:

  1. An utility blade.
  2. A box opener
  3. Opening letters and packages
  4. Peel and slice fruit and vegetables
  5. Used in lieu of a fork
  6. Removing splinters
  7. Cutting grass trimmer line, rope and twine
  8. Cleaning dirt from under your fingernails
  9. Whittling woods for artistic or survival purposes
  10. Scaling fish
  11. Cut tags off new items
  12. Sharpen a carpenter’s pencil
  13. Cut the stuck pant leg out of a bicycle chain
  14. A heated blade can be used as a sterile implement
  15. The blade itself can be used for reflection of the sun (signaling purposes)

Pocket knives are not usually designed for fighting. Pocket knives are almost always cutting knives, not stabbing knives. However it’s better than nothing.

A good pocket should be one of your everyday carry item where it is legal to carry on,Swiss_Army_Fieldmaster_16-tool_Pocket_Knife

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